MAD Rock Year in Review

I would like to say thank you to Mad Rock for all their support this last year, without them behind me I wouldn’t be the climber I am today!!  :-)


Atomik Climbing Holds – Youth System Wall “Teaser”

Atomik Climbing Holds and KNS Climber

KNS Climber has been working with Atomik Climbing Holds to bring you a one of a kind youth system wall.  It has Jugs, it has slopers, it has pinches, adjustable crimps, bombs, mega bombs, even some girly hearts.  This is just a preview of what’s to come but you can rest assured there will be some training videos in the near future and a complete write up on this system wall.

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Core Power Review- The ultimate recovery drink!

I was recently sponsored by Core Power and it’s an incredible drink. Core Power is delicious, smooth, and is great for recovery after working out. Core Power is all natural and they don’t use any powder in their drink, this is why it doesn’t have a funky, chalky taste. My favorite flavor is the strawberry banana and it’s awesome for helping me stay strong during and after hours of tireless rock climbing.

I recommend this drink over any other workout shake and if you exercise, compete, train, or just want to enjoy a tasty drink get yourself a Core Power.

I give Core Power a KNS thumbs up!! :-)


Mad Rock – Mad Pad Review

For $150 you can’t get a better pad. The bright colors of the Mad Pad’s actually motivate me to climb. When I use the Mad Rock Mad Pad I’m not afraid to huck at the top of high balls because of how soft and comfortable the landing is. Mad Pad’s are pretty much the standard in bouldering and Velcro together to make the Maddest Pad’s available. They’re very thick and their weight makes them very manageable for long approaches while carrying your other gear.

When it’s lunch time the Mad Pad turns into a stylish and comfortable chair with room for you and your best friend. Or if you like naps during lunch, it makes into a bed more comfortable than my own ;-)

What can this pad “NOT DO”? It is the one and only pad that works for me!

I give the Mad Rock Mad Pad the KNS thumbs up!

Reel Rock 8 Movie Review

Was blown away by Reel Rock at the Gear Co-op over the weekend. The Stonemaster’s were really funny and my dad said mildly inappropriate ;-) Hazel Findlay “Spice Girl” sent the hardest E9 trad climb by any girl. She really inspired me to not be afraid to push myself to the limits and do something risky, yet safe, kinda. When Ueli Steck and Simone Moro were trying to climb a new route on Mount Everest without oxygen masks they had a slight Sherpa problem and were attacked by 100 of them, it was crazy and Ueli was sent off the mountain. Mount Kinabalu, on the island of Borneo, was one of the most incredible climbing experiences for Daniel Woods and Yuji Hirayama. They sent a 5.14d and 5.15a on this weird, cool featured rock that I would definitely love to climb one day.

I really enjoyed the movie and felt it was as good as Reel Rock 7.

I give it the KNS thumbs up

Maxim Dynamic Ropes – Company Review

We volunteered our near new 10.2mm green/yellow bipattern 2x dry rope for lead climbing at a local comp not to long ago and as a result someone took a whipper and snapped the core. However, upon calling New England Ropes and explaining the situation they asked for us to send them the rope for review. They deemed there was nothing wrong with the rope it just took an incredible fall, so they decided to send us a replacement. Their customer service was above expectations and I may never buy from another rope manufacture again as a result.

This rope feels great when top roping with ultra smooth friction, passes through the GriGri 2 very nicely and feels great on your hands when belaying or repelling.

I give Maxim Dynamic Rope a KNS thumbs up!

Mad Rock M5 Review

First time climbing in these shoes at ClimbX in Huntington Beach for the ABS series. Incredible edging! Great heel hooking capabilities! Well balanced! Made crimps feel like jugs! Easy break in, no blisters, the rubber feels great!

I give them the KNS thumbs up!